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2017-03-01 13.31.30Kristin Bowles

Born in 1989.

Loves: kind people, art, video games, organization, puzzles, cats, and the never-ending quest of self-improvement.

Hates: bigots, willful ignorance, brain fog, overwhelming options, poor graphic design, and internet troll culture.

Where I Am

I’m currently in New York, back in my hometown. I moved south in 2003, and moved north again just in time to greet 2013. I’m looking forward to doing more. I’ve got a pile of mental health issues that complicate matters. I’m not afraid of talking about most of them.


On June 17th, 2011, I walked at my graduation ceremony and became the proud owner of a very fancy piece of paper. (Spoiler: It’s a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Game Art & Design)

I’m very excited to have met one of my largest life goals, and I have a fantastic family of friends and relatives who are all marvelously supportive and proud of my accomplishment.


My first few jobs were pretty common for high school teenagers. I worked part-time at a Pizza Hut in 2006. After that was a seasonal stint as a cashier at a Michael’s Arts & Crafts store. I graduated high school in summer of 2007 and started college in the fall.

I spent a year at USF, then transferred to the Art Institute of Tampa, where I started working my next job in 2009. On July 8th 2011, I finished my run as Financial Aid Assistant at the school’s Student Financial Services office.

After graduation, I did some freelance art until I landed a position in an Office Depot Copy & Print Center, where I stayed until mid-2012. I spent a few months cashiering after that, until I moved back to New York on the eve of 2013. I spent four years doing contract administration work with a local business, and am presently participating in Inktober.

Pro Bono

I completed my work on the RUFF charity project in 2012 (you can see the design work here on my blog). I also worked with TTRH to overhaul the site and act as site administrator from 2012 to 2014. I blogged for them and updated their social media sites. The organization closed in April of 2014, much to everyone’s sadness.

I spent some time as an editor over at Sketched Screenings, for Josh Daniel. The project came to a close in December of 2014, but if you’re new to noir, or just looking for some fun indie reviews, I highly recommend browsing through Josh’s work!


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