Ink-Draw 11-12: Raven-Moon

Day 11 was Raven & 12 was Moon! Teen Titans, anyone? Raven was always a big fav!#drawlloween #inktober
This is actually my third drawing with a moon in it – and might not be the last! So I chose to do a combo piece rather than a solitary moon drawing. Don’t want you all going lun-y on me 😛

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2 Responses to Ink-Draw 11-12: Raven-Moon

  1. writingbolt says:

    Very nice. Though, the moon looks a bit metallic? I like Raven’s look. But, Starfire has won my heart in the cartoon. Her voice and personality are just so lovable. [Her costume is questionable.] Raven can be a bit scary at times.

    • Interesting effect I achieved in the moon, for sure! I’ve only recently really looked at the way the moon looks from Earth, and very loosely replicated it with marker. Between my relative inexperience both with markers and the moon’s texture, and my quick editing to improve color accuracy, the moon does, indeed, look a bit metallic!

      Starfire is certainly another incredibly lovable character! Neither is better or worse in my book, and I’d argue they can both be incredibly frightening and intimidating, depending on the circumstances. Comparing both of their costumes between the Teen Titans cartoon and the adult representations in comics? Yeah, they both have some very tantalizing outfits that are worth criticism. I’ve seen some truly fantastic fan art of both born from such criticisms, though!

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