30Characters 2014 04: Kichea

Character Name:
Kichea (Swahili: brightness; the sun)

Brief Bio/Character Description:
Kichea is a Djinn who inhabits a canteen these days. She loves shores and sunsets and laughter. She spent many years lost in the ocean, trapped in her original lamp, before finally being dredged up and washed ashore. Her lamp was in pretty poor condition after that, which prompted her move into a new vessel – a charming little canteen, adorned with beads of some of her favorite colors, which she has since chosen to accessorize herself with, as well.

Style Commentary:
I roughed out Kichea’s pose way back in November. I got the idea while working on my Kristi character and actually managed to get the lineart and flats done in short order, but then didn’t quite have time to revisit it and finalize it until now. I like to try to push for representation in my work these days, so the idea that my characters can and should deviate from thin/pretty/pin-up/light-skinned/etc is one that I’m glad to grab onto and run with. I get to challenge myself by avoiding cookie-cutter designs, and I get to look up new sources of inspiration and history. I took some self-indulgent time on some parts of Kichea’s coloring, and also played around with some quick filters and effects on other parts. All in all, I’m pretty pleased with her! She makes me smile, and I hope others will enjoy her as well.

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