30Characters 2014 03: Kristi

Character Name:
Kristi Bowes

Brief Bio/Character Description:
Kristi Bowes is an exploratory attempt at an alter ego character of none other than myself! She’s half self-portrait,  half wishful thinking. Originally, she was supposed to be a trendy fashionista mega-confident version of myself. But then I started thinking about the weather and temperature and next thing I knew I’d drawn a cozy sweater and infinity scarf. So, Kristi became a winter fashionista, specifically. She’s rocking one of my favorite styles of sweater, some snazzy light leather gloves, a headband (because me and hats don’t get along), cozy leggings, and an amazing pair of boots! The boots are a big deal, because I have what I like to call calamity calves. They pair up amazingly well with my thunder thighs, but not so well with boots. I dream of owning a pair of mid-calf or knee-high boots one day. She’s also impeccably coordinated with her hair. The tips are died in a fade-in gradient of purple, green, and blue, and the hair above her left ear has been buzzed down. That’s the exact hair style I would love to have right now! She’s not quite as confident as I originally envisioned. Instead, she’s very cocky and sarcastic. Here, she’s pictured observing a youngster trying to help out by shoveling show – however, the kid is making the snow pile in the middle of their drive way, and she’s grappling with the desire to ask if the kid’s parents drive snowmobiles.

Style Commentary:
I took super-extra-way-too-long on this. I’ve always struggled a bit with self portrait pieces. Not in executing them, but in wanting to do them, and not obsessing over getting details right. An artist is their own worst critic, right? So that goes double when the artist is their own subject material, in my case! I also sketched a pose and all the clothing without any reference, which put a huge drain on time as I tweaked and reworked things over and over to make them work and look better. I approached the line work as if I were doing a clean pencil sketch. It took until I was more than halfway through to realize I wasn’t using my usual brush settings, which resulted in some additional lost time and frustration. All in all, though, I’m really pleased with how it turned out! Too much time and later than I wanted to wrap it up, but I like it a lot! Clipping masks are my best friend.

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