30Characters 2014 02: Ammu

Character Name:

Brief Bio/Character Description:
Ammu is a charming, optimistic and super-friendly child. Her favorite time of year is Spring. Halloween actually scares her a lot, but since it provides an opportunity to dress up and go seek out free treats with her friends, she faces her fears. Her favorite color is pink, but purple is a close second! Her Naanee sewed the dress for her, which made it a very special costume, indeed!

Style Commentary:
I’m not gonna drag this out – I’m still stuck on Halloween. I got to go trick-or-treating with my younger siblings and I saw so very many adorable kids in so many wonderful costumes. I really wanted to draw another cute witch with a big hat. Originally, she was going to be carrying a smoky cauldron, but with all those real-life cute trick-or-treaters still fresh in my mind, the cauldron quickly became a candy sack. I took more time today on the coloring, and I’m pretty pleased with how Ammu turned out!

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