30Characters 2014 01: Jaquelynn

Character Name:
Jaquelynn Lantern

Brief Bio/Character Description:
Jaquelynn is a hybrid monster girl. She’s the daughter of a pumpkin-headed scarecrow and a skeleton.  Her family owns and runs their own farm, so they keep pretty busy. Jaquelynn is a hard-worker and a very cheerful spirit. Her long vine is a point of pride and admiration. It’s also quite handy for catching her top, which pops off frequently when she runs and leans over. She loves cozy country clothes and is almost always wearing flannel and denim. Her carved facial features can morph and move, but she has to take care that her irises are always in contact with one side of her eye hole. There have been a few times she’s been startled, or tried to stare straight ahead, and her irises popped right out of her head! She had to scramble to find them, hitting her knees and reaching around to find them. Some people ask her if her name’s not really Velma when this happens, but she doesn’t understand why. She’s very lucky – monster girls come in all shapes and sizes (and colors and densities and…) so her slender, straight, and flat form was never used to make her feel bad. In fact, she loves being able to cinch and ruffle and drape clothes on her body without many bumpy obstructions interrupting the fall of the cloth! She can’t help but chuckle when people call her skinny, though. Her flame flickers as she laughs, and she likes to ask, “Skinny? Where’s there any skin on me?”

Style Commentary:
I make no secret of my love of Monster High. I collect the dolls, and I’m actually in the process of a customization project, too! I adore the combination of puns, classic horror creatures, fashion, inclusivity, and diversity that I can find in the characters and stories. I’m also a tremendous fan of Halloween, and I’ve been entertaining the idea of a jack-o-lantern headed ghoul for a while now! And what better opportunity to get that idea down than the day after Halloween – the first day of the 2014 30 Characters Challenge?

I wasn’t originally going to color this one, but after prepping the blue-line and sketch layer, I really wanted just a bit of color. I played with a pastel brush while laying the colors down in Photoshop. I’ve very seldom experimented with brushes, but this was a fun experience, and I think I managed an intriguing and simple effect for the most part! I did go back in with a basic brush to do a few itty bitty tweaks, and then once more to add some quick and dirty glow.

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