A Little Inktober: Pumpkin Picking

This drawing just makes me smile. She’s so cute, isn’t she?

Pumpkin picking is something I love to do. I try to go every year, with friends and/or family, to pick out pumpkins that we can carve into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween! I love when the pumpkin patch also has other events and attractions. Some places do little festivals, with food and live music – like a small fair! There are usually animals, like horses, ponies, turkeys, chickens, donkeys, and I’ve even run into llamas! Some of which you’re allowed to pet or feed. Sometimes there are little games to play, like bobbing for apples, and pin the tail on the donkey (not the REAL donkeys, of course). I’ve always loved going for hay rides, too. It’s simple and silly, really. But it’s so nice to just get up into a hay cart or wagon, breathe in the smell, and bump and knock around through whatever path the ride runs.

I remember once, when I was young, I got to go to a really fantastic place with my family. They had all sorts of fun things to do: face-painting, food stands, hay bale mazes, corn field mazes, a couple different playground fixtures, and even a few things for adults to do. In fact, there was a game, or challenge, for adults specifically for getting a great deal on pumpkin prices. If you could carry all the pumpkins you wanted in your arms and walk a line, you’d get a great big discount! I have nothing but fond memories of that day.

I suppose all of this comes together in this drawing here. I hope it can bring a smile to some other folks’ faces, too! Because it certainly does so to mine!

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