A Little Inktober: Autumn Mix

Today’s Inktober doodle is CUTE CANDY. Because cute and candy are definitely things I like. And ’tis the season for candy corn! Not just any candy corn, though – my personal favorite is the autumn mix, because it’s got those adorable dumpy pumpkins and the chocolate-bottomed candy corn pieces, too! I’m a huge fan of chocolate, in case you were unaware. The darker the better!

I felt like fancy-ing it up a bit with text and color. It’s marker! Still ink! It totally counts! I have a pretty good number of Faber Castell brush pens, along with a few Prismacolor marker sets, which I have never taken the opportunity to really practice with outside of a few random exercises. Back in school (2009) I did some gesturing with markers, which was great fun:

I’m looking to do more with colored inks (markers) in future Inktober pieces. Even if I stick to grayscale on some, it’ll be great practice in a medium I didn’t play around with too much in school.

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