A Little Inktober: Witch

I’ve never participated in Inktober before, but I’ve got so many artist friends who do. With my excessive excitement over all things fall, I figured I’d see what I could do!

I understand the idea is to do a little something every day, so technically I’m a day late and a drawing behind – but I think I can make it up! There’s no requirement of depth of design on these – it just has to be an ink drawing! So I think I’ll be able to keep up with these much more successfully than the #30CharactersChallenge that happens in November (since I tend to obsess over developing characters and at least a little bit of good writing to go along with them).

So here’s this cute little inked witch! I sketched her out in pencil first, then finished her up with a Bic Crystal pen. I wanted to do a cute little jack-o-lantern along with her, but I ran out of steam. Hopefully I’ll keep up with some lighthearted “spoopy” drawings! Do you like it? Is it awful? Let me know!

Today was a challenge. Between not getting any sleep, feeling ill all day, and dealing with a persistently face-palm-worthy group of clients, all I wanted to do was curl up in blankets and sleep. Once I had a chance to relax a bit and check social media and art pages, I saw several Inktober drawings and really wanted to do my own.

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