Two Sketches 2014-05-28

On the left we have a sketch I scribbled out in about ten minutes today, to help visualize an idea I have. For what? Well, a casual cosplay! I’m planning a big trip in summer, and part of that trip will be to attend Metrocon! It’s my ‘home’ convention – the first I ever attended, with people who mean the world to me. I’ve gone every year since 2007, with the exception of last year. I’m so glad to be able to return in 2014! Anyway, my amazing friend Candy bought me the cutest darn Catbus backpack for my birthday, and I wanted to incorporate it into an outfit. At first I was just going to collect and don a bunch of Miyazaki fan paraphernalia. But then I thought – what about a casual cosplay?

I’ve always loved the girls in My Neighbor Totoro. Satsuki was my favorite. We were both older sisters with annoying younger sisters, after all! (I love all my sisters dearly and we’re all terrible brats to each other sometimes – it’s part of our charm!) But, I’m not a huge fan of yellow or orange (Satsuki’s signature colors) and I also do not have black hair. Nor do I wish to dye it or invest in a wig. Mei, then! Mei has brown hair and I am a lot more comfortable in pink and white clothes! I reworked the young girl’s popular outfit into my idea of a grown-up adaptation of the outfit, and I’m excited to piece it together and wear it!

The sketch on the right is a funny story. I don’t remember when I drew her. I vaguely remember the act of drawing her, but not when, where, or why. I flipped open my book and there she was on the last non-blank page. She looks worried, maybe scared – insecure? Sad.

I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t write down anything about her, or remember that she was hiding forgotten in those pages for who knows how long. At least, after a long silence, she was there today for me to share with you, along with my Mei sketch!

Thanks for reading, and as always, I’d love to hear from you!

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