Betsey’s Tattoo

Recently, my Aunt Betsey, a close family friend, lost her mother. In order to help pay tribute to her memory and honor her life, she decided to get a tattoo in loving memory of her mother, who was known to all as “Granny,” as well as her grandma and grandpa. She described her idea to me as three G’s worked into a wave, with a dolphin jumping over it. It took me a solid day of absorbing other dolphin tattoo designs and browsing Gothic and calligraphic lettering and illustrated water designs before I got a solid grasp of how this was going to look on paper.

I brought and gave this to her today, and she likes it so much she wants to frame the sketch.
I did not add color, because I wanted Betsey and her tattoo artist to apply their own artistic decisions, as well – though I included a guide to what I intended for the colors to be, had I colored it.

I’m a little in awe that a translation of my own artwork is going to be used to memorialize three treasured souls to my Aunt Betsey, and positively flabbergasted that my work will be featured on a human body and cherished.
This is not my first tattoo design. (x x x x x) But it is the first that has actually been put to ink, and I’m simultaneously exhilarated and humbled. It feels wonderful.
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