30Characters 2013 01: Sonho

Character Name: 

Brief Bio/Description:
Sonho is a gender-less but male-identifying amorphous, amphibious being. His appendages, and the majority of his body, are comprised almost exclusively of muscular tissue. Lacking a proper skeleton, his body contains flexible cartilage which can be manipulated into different shapes and locations with enough muscular control. Sonho prefers to keep the majority of his cartilage in his head and torso. You could compare his abilities to a cross between those of a jelly fish and an octopus. He finds humans fascinating and loves human humor and sarcasm. He stumbled onto the website known as 4chan, and now he makes tentacle jokes all the time. His human friends often draw comparisons between Sonho and average teenage boys, despite Sonho claiming to have lived over a century already. He loves to eat sushi; not for the taste, but for the irony and reactions he gets.

Style Commentary:
In the past, I’ve had a very difficult time bogging myself down in the details. I resolved today to sit down, rough out a decent pose, and lay the character out with simple details. I’m determined to avoid plain human characters (though I may “cop out” and do a few at some point this month, if the whim strikes) so I can start broadening my skills and get some new research done. Like, for this guy! I wanted Sonho to be technically genderless, and when the tentacle appendages started happening, I wanted to keep in mind some semblance of a factual basis, so I looked up the muscular system of an octopus! Very cool! Back to technical style: I laid down a simple black outline over the pose sketch, then filled a base color, which I copied and changed to the shadow color so I could mask it away for a simple cell-shaded effect. Not my usual approach, but I had fun and didn’t bury myself in immense detail or color work, so: mission accomplished!

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