Shamefully Shameless Doodle

Today marks the first Monday at my new job!

I’ve taken on the role of VP of Course Administration with My CE Live. Now, it’s not especially arts- or design-related, but the work is a wonderful combination of all the technical and administrative things I like to do, and am quite good at, with documents and organization.

It’s a job with a virtual work space, so that means I use my own computer at home! Which, as was suggested during interviewing, allows me to “show up” in my pajamas! Of course, that means I did. So there you go. A barely-revived webcam shot of a pencil doodle I scribbled out during work today!

(Clearly I have not taken the time to get my roadside-blessing printer-scanner working yet)

Heaps of internet cookies will be awarded to anyone who can correctly decipher any of the writing in the drawing!


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