Chunky Hunny Bunny

This fine, furry female didn’t start out this way! When I turned to this page in my sketchbook tonight, I’d already doodled a wide-eyed, rail-thin anime girl.

I started sketching around that pencil framework, and as I played around with the lines and pushed some out, I found myself adding fur, and super hips, and bunny ears, and then the provocative pose happened…

It’s not something I’ve done before, so I was excited to see it unfolding.

Watching new things pour out across your very own sheet of paper is always a wonderful experience.

And being able to relate to the character drawn (I think I can safely say I fit the “fluffy” description – just not in terms of fur) is always a bonus, too!

Love her? Hate her? Tell me all about it, below!

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