Sailor Ant! WIP

Long time no post!

This here is a work-in-progress fan-art of the one and only…

Ant Roman!

More commonly known by her business’s name: Nerdache Cakes.

There is no not loving Ant. Because she is, put simply, awesome. Pure and simple.

I find her really exciting and inspirational, so when I saw her wish list, I totally jumped on one of those items.

There are still some things I’ll be tweaking (adding a magic “wand” that will be a cake-batter-covered spoon, adjusting her legs’ positioning, fixing the bow’s perspective, etc…) but so far, I’m pretty excited.

In true “magic girl” fashion, I’m channeling some Sailor Moon style.

Like it? Hate it? Got a recommendation, suggestion, constructive complaint? Tell me below!

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