Character Doodles!

Over the course of the last few sleepless nights (I’ve been battling insomnia… and not winning, mostly) I’ve had my little scrap-paper notebook out. And to pass some time, I decided to lay down some shapes and curves and… well, these fine folks happened!

I started with the curvy lady sporting hoop earrings and a snazzy halter top. I liked how cute she turned out, even though I was pushing lines around in totally different ways than I usually do.

Then I decided there needed to be some sharp-looking fellow glaring at her. Originally he was going to be big-headed with a buzz cut, but I decided a curly ‘fro was in order instead. He currently resembles someone I went to college with! Though I’m not sure he’d find that flattering or not… (I mean it in the best way possible!)

The next person to join the party is the ‘tude-iful gal in the middle. Her design was inspired by a combination of Jackie, from the comic Meaty Yogurt, and Captain Amelia, from Treasure Planet. I really just wanted a spark of a lady with a triangular face. She’s my favorite out of this whole group, actually!

Next is the short round little head on the left. I wanted to do a chubby cheerful granny… but it turned into a mini-self-portrait instead. Don’t ask me how. I don’t know. Also, I can never get my buns to stay that high on my head. Wishful thinking!

And then there’s that strange rectangular-faced fellow off in the margins. I got bored with him, so he just looks like a shovel with a lumpy nose, big eyes, and some smooth hair. I may or may not have been trying to make him look like Bolin. (Spoiler alert: I failed)

I also had that illustrated bar on there, because I got into a heated discussion with a 12-year-old about the importance of enjoying your childhood. He was under the impression that childhood is overrated and way too long. I (clearly) begged to differ…

I’m not saying adulthood is terrible (despite that angry face I drew) but… childhood, man! What’s not to love about childhood? In hindsight, of course. That 20/20 vision wasn’t around when I was living it. Story of my (everyone’s) life!

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