Candy Crush Kristin

A fun series of events happened to bring this goofy little piece about!

Let me tell you a short story…

Once upon a time, I spent a whole day playing games and relaxing! I know, incredible, right? How is that even possible? But it’s true! I spent most of a day enjoying several games, and at the end of that day, I scrolled through my facebook news feed – and what did I see?

A wonderful little challenge was talking to me! A frivolous instigation to STOP! And draw myself as the main character from the last game I had played! And that game just so happened to be Candy Crush Saga.

I am notorious for cursing several of the obstacles in the game. Especially the bombs, chocolates, and whipped cream. It’s become such a common verbal outrage between me and my mom that it’s more or less a game-playing mantra, and an inside joke of sorts. Very fun, really! Haha! So, I imagined myself as the character from Candy Crush Saga, and I knew I wouldn’t be so obliviously cheery all the time. I’d yell my way through the candy world!

I loosely mimicked the style of the character in my rendition here… It was fun to goof off in a fun, new style.

Like it? Hate it? Tell me so!

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