Kiss My Butt Goodbye!

I’ve brought up my personal health goals before. I’m blowing kisses at the pounds that keep disappearing between trips to the scale. And that feels pretty amazing.

I’m back to my lowest weight, post-graduation and I’m on a steady trend of continuing on to improved health, weight, and happiness.

I’ve never been a small girl. And I never really want to be. I’ve always joked around with family and friends, calling myself the “pack mule” of my family – because I’ve always been strong, despite not having the healthiest-looking body. And I was always proud of that, no matter what other self-image issues I had. I want to be smaller, sure. But not small.

I’ve struggled with my weight all my life, and to finally see real results, from my very real dedication and long-term efforts… I can’t even express how happy that makes me.

So, no art this post – just life! Which – it’s important to remember – every person has outside of their work!

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