TTRH Updates

Long time no post!

I’ve actually been doing on-and-off freelance work. Most of the work I am obligated to keep private, however – hence some of my silence. I’ll see what I can sneak into another update, hopefully soon! I think it’s some good work, so I’d love to show it off!

But, for TTRH, I got to do a pretty neat little update today!

You see, this April, TTRH turns seven. So, Twitch dropped me a note today to make a little request. He sent me a flyer for an upcoming event and asked that it be included on the site, maybe as a pop-up.

Well, I haven’t been given the chance to do too much layout and design work, so I dug my proverbial creative claws right into the task! I overhauled the flyer from a simple Word .doc to a web-safe, social-media and printer-friendly image. (seen above – click it to go to the web page!)

Once the image was completed, I was sure to make two simple .pdf versions – one in color, one in black-and-white – for download and print on

With all the files made and in place, I turned my attention to the code. I whipped up a standalone event page to assemble the final graphic and .pdf download links together. But, my highlight, was looking up and figuring out how to build in an automatic CSS/JavaScript pop-up on the site’s index page! I used this excellent tutorial as my starting point, and made tweaks of my own as necessary.

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