30Characters 2012 01: Psy-Nav

Character Name: 

Brief Bio/Description:
Psy-Nav is a hybrid being designed by the military to serve as a mobile navigation and control unit with combat and stealth parameters. Psy-Nav identifies as female and she has two standard avatar forms: a console-mounting head unit, and a full humanoid body for combat and stealth operations. She is very assertive and has a spunky, abrasive attitude – she blends in well with “the guys” in the units to which she is assigned.

Style Commentary:
I’m approaching this challenge as an exercise-a-day and avoiding themes and solid obligations. As such, I scribbled out Psy-Nav’s body sketch first, primarily in my own style, and got a feel for the character’s personality and decided to do a head-shot. I was inspired by oasiswinds and artchoface from tumblr – the drawing here is, in my opinion, a successful merge of the three styles.

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