Trivial Update

I flicked through my posts yesterday and realized I haven’t made any personal/life-relevant updates in quite some time.

So here’s one! (Just to make myself feel better)

WARNING: This post appears to promote Kellogg’s products – I don’t know how this happened. Except that I really like those products. You are in no way obligated to read this post. In fact, you shouldn’t. You’ll be bored by my cereal escapades. 

I got some groceries yesterday, and was excited to find some really great deals and coupons for Special K products at Publix. I’m a huge fan of their cereals, snacks, and “health” foods; I’m far from a health authority, but I appreciate the higher-than-usual nutrition benefits of the Special K products and, even more, the affordable prices and excellent promotions, deals, and coupons they run to make the products accessible to more people. Plus, they’re incredibly tasty!

I happened to get these two cereals, at the price of “2 for $5”

I happened to notice one of them had a coupon for “$3 off a gallon of milk when you purchase three Kellogg’s cereals” – which I took advantage of. While I was fully stocked up on milk, one of my friends had recently informed me that she was running low. I was able to get her a gallon of milk for about $0.49, and I got my hands-down favorite Kellogg’s non-rice-krispies cereal:

As luck would have it, this cereal box had a coupon on it, too! “Any Special K Protein product, up to a $6.99 value, FREE with coupon” – prominently featuring the Special K Protein Shakes. My boyfriend and I both love these, because (a) they’re delicious; (b) neither of us ever consumes appropriate amounts of protein; and (c) they’re really filling and keep us from feeling hungry or snacking throughout the day or evening. They even have a new flavor out: Dark Chocolate. Which is right up our alley!

Suffice to say, I like Kellogg’s products. Quite a lot.

Today, I had the Fiber Plus cereal for breakfast, and a protein shake and banana for lunch.

And I’m feeling really good!

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