Self Satisfaction (1)

It is my wish to finish this drawing, in-as-much as I can finish any drawing I do in my sketch books.

(The amazing thing here is that I drew. In my sketch books. It’s been a while)

In breaking with my usual habit, you will have to click to see the image after the cut.

IT IS NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) – and I would also like to slap a MATURE label on it, here and now.


I spent the weekend over at my friend Candy’s house (you may know her as Brittany Sprouse here on the grand ol’ internet!)

She was working on some projects of her own, which had “adult” themes, and I felt like indulging in a crazy idea that started shaping itself in my head.

So I busted out my old school sketch book and my graphite pencils and settled into an old routine. I laid out a general position for the torso and abdomen. I figured out where the thighs would go, and the arms. I played around with some different head positions, then lost myself in rendering.

It’s my old technique. My slow technique. There are better ways to do things; quicker and more efficient and just all around better. But I’ve been so unmotivated to draw lately, that I didn’t let it bother me that I was doing the motions to my old drawing techniques.

I was drawing.

And this happened.

Like it? Hate it? Thoughts on my babbling? Leave me a comment!

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