Ruff Final Logo and Web Page Redesign

As of my last update, I’d narrowed it down to two designs.

And popular vote said the life-ring was the winner!

I have the semi-final version of the design on the left. The black-fill and white-stroke wasn’t quite doing it for the text, so I decided to switch them up and see how that worked. Turns out, I liked it – a lot!

This switch also made it possible to tie in a little color – mostly for use online, since, as I mentioned before, the pure black-and-white design is much more economical to use and reproduce and implement on promotional materials (especially if anything is going to get screen printed).

The decision to use red was two-fold: Red is a vibrant, powerful color. I had already decided to use it on the web page redesign that was underway, so it was the color that worked best.

I may go back and tweak the logo a tiny bit more, just to fix a few things that aren’t problems, but that irk me anyway.

For now, however, I will call the project complete!

You can check out the logo, and the redesigned web page, right here:

And you’ll absolutely have to compare it to the original web page here: http://

I also decided to share some of my process/design thoughts that I made while building the redesigned web page. Here you go!

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