Candy Corn: Final Watercolors

A long… long… LONG overdue watercolor version of my Candy Corn drawing.

This concludes the Candy Corn media trifecta. I will, for real, be moving on to Cotton Candy and Candy Cane colors now.

I used watercolor pencils to lay out the basic color areas, then embellished and shaded with additional pigment. I’m pretty sure I used plain old cardstock, which is why you can see some warping in the scan (it’s much, much more pronounced in the actual piece). I didn’t have any decent watercolor paper to use in place of the cardstock, so it is what it is!

I’m really excited that the colors came out as well as they did. I had to edit them to fix what the scanner ate. (similar to my poor colored pencil version – which is a digital shade of how beautiful the pencils blended in real life!)

Thanks for looking!

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