Meesho’s Hospital Woes

My good friend :iconpegabracorn:  (also on tumblr) is currently undergoing some surgeries. She told me this little story about how they’ve bruised up her right hand pretty bad with the IV, because they couldn’t snag the veins in her left hand properly. She’s a righty, so she’s very frustrated that she can’t DO anything right now.

She also brought up that her right hip is the one she had the operation on, and that they only side of the bed without a rail is the right side of it.

So, she can’t use her right hand to pull herself out of bed (it’s bruised and incredibly painful) and her right hip is in mend-mode, so using her right lower body shouldn’t be her go-to movement maker… which leaves her in a bit of a conundrum.

Her words: “I’m like, a flailing idiot.”

And there you have it!

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