deviantART’s Original Quotes Challenge!

I hardly ever participate in deviantART‘s contests, because I’m not a front-pager, and therefor I don’t usually get any attention when it comes to votes, but this time around, I had the time, I had the motivation, I had the inspiration, and I actually read the terms and conditions – which is more than I can say for the vast majority of the entries as of 5:00 PM EST May the 1st, 2012. Holy cow.

So there it is. Thoughts? Would you wear it? (hint: If you would wear it, I’d be pretty excited to have you go over to the page and click the button that says so!)


No, seriously guys… even if I stand a snowball’s chance in… yeah, you know the rest. The prizes are pretty impressive, and my gratefulness will know no bounds. Especially considering my current state of joblessness…


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