Things for Sale!

Hello internet!

I didn’t mean to leave you hanging for so long – honest!

My work at Office Depot has picked up, since the company is transitioning into a new system. I’m sure you’ve heard the rampant ads – on the television, radio, and even in the sanctity of your own internet browser – and those ads mean big changes for the employees as well as the customers. It’s stressful, as change usually is, but refreshing. As the slogan and campaign goes, it’s supposed to improve business “one person at a time,” which to me means that the situation is going to improve for all people: customers and employees alike!

As a result, though, I’ve had more hours (YAY) and less time to do artsy things (BOO).

All things for a reason, though, right?

Despite my creative hiatus since Megacon, I’ve finally got myself started in my online shops. I have a Storenvy shop set up for my actual physical wares (the selling and shipping for which I handle personally) and a CafePress for non-paper printing goods. My Storenvy is my preferred method of doing online business, because of the great experience and price for all people involved. CafePress is a little more difficult to please all parties involved, but I’m giving it a whirl anyway – see how things go.

Now, links for you!

Check out my Storenvy!

Check out my CafePress!

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