Sivam Tasks: Week 4

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These are the exercises from the fourth installment of Krishna Sadasivam‘s 11-week Mentor Experiment. The task was laid out as follows:

Volumetric surfaces have contours (lines) that follow the form. It’s important that you place the eyes on the eye line, but also adhere to making sure the eyes, nose and mouth follow the form of the head.

This week’s task is fairly straight-forward:

1) Draw 5 heads with different volumetric forms. Establish the contour lines for each form.

2) Draw 5 heads using the same volumetric form, but vary the eye line. Keep all the features identical.

3) Take the same volumetric form from #2 and now develop 5 distinct characters (young, old, male, female, anthropomorphic, etc.)

Good luck! And feel free to share your progress by way of a link in the comments below.


The forms were easy enough to do. I found it much easier to understand the task as if I was drawing the wireframe of a 3D shape.

The face-shift exercise took me the longest – not because it was hardest, but because I was doing these exercises traditionally and had to find my lightbox! I’ll admit, I did create a master shape to print and draw on to preserve the same shape in all my shift and face exercises, but the drawings were all hand-drawn to begin with. I made a sheet with 5 head-shapes on it, and printed two copies to use. One was for the face-shift, the other for the different faces. I drew the face-shift face on a small piece of paper and used my lightbox to draw the exact same features in different positions on the same face to achieve the goal laid out by Krishna.

The different-faces exercise was super easy and fun for me. I really let loose and got cartoony with it – which is a huge break from the main body of my work. I’ve always focused on realism and semi-realism, despite my love of animations and stylized art. It’s nice to stretch into uncharted territory – and even better to enjoy doing it.

Technical details:

  • Graphite and colored pencils on drawing and copy paper
  • Scanned and color-adjusted in Photoshop

Yes? No? Maybe so? Let me know!


I’m going to be at MEGACON in a week, so if you have any REQUESTS or SUGGESTIONS for artwork that you’d like to see in the Artist Alley, or want to come bug me for a commission (YES I DO COMMISSIONS!) then please do! I’ll be in Black 16 with Luke Brubaker, and down the row from Stephen Wittmaak, and Krishna Sadasivam!



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