Sivam Tasks: Week 3

Don’t worry – you can click on each one to enlarge!

This exercise is the third in a series of eleven by Krishna Sadasivam. Here’s how he assigned it:

Your assignment this week is to use line of action, silhouettes, exaggerated proportions, and form to create drawings for each of the following:

1) A brainy, but short mad scientist.

2) A slender, talkative evil queen.

3) A muscle-bound, clumsy pirate.

4) An overweight, but cunning policeman.

5) A tall but unintelligent cowboy.

I’ll add more examples this weekend for further clarification.


I got pretty excited with the scientist. Loved the gabby evil queen. Had fun with the pirate. Ran out of steam on the police officer. Churned out a cowboy that didn’t really fit the whole description I was going for. But, they’re done!

Technical details:

  • Graphite pencil and colored pencils on drawing paper and copy paper.
  • Scanned and color-edited in Photoshop.

Good? Bad? Ugly? Let me know!

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