Candy Corn: Final Colored Pencils

I found myself feeling a little nostalgic and a LOT guilty about not using my colored pencils in a long while. So, at work today, I made a few copies of my Candy line art so I can color them traditionally – as I originally intended! On top of that, it was slow today, so I brought out one of my sets of colored pencils. You see, I frequently carry around a ludicrous amount of art supplies in the hopes of actually doing art while I’m out. This seldom works. Hence, the guilt.

Anyway! I really DID use them today, and got most of this done between customers. I wrapped up some final details once I’d returned home and put some delicious food in my belly. Unfortunately, I have a less-than-amazing scanner, and a lot of the colors are wickedly off in this digital version. If I manage to make a truer scan, I’ll be updating the image for sure.

I’m a little rusty with pencils, but at least I’m not any slower! I got this whole thing colored in between 2 and 3 hours all together!

I’m long overdue to begin Candy Cane. As I’ve completed two of my three Candy Corns, and nothing else, I believe my next order of business will concern Candy Cane and not Candy Corn in watercolor. Check back again soon!

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