Sivam Tasks: Week 2

Picture first! (click it to make it bigger!)

Words second! (because that’s how we all like it, isn’t it?)

Here’s the second week’s assignment from Krishna Sadasivam in his 11-week mentorship experiment:

Your next exercise in this 10 week course is to draw at least 6 full body poses focusing on using the flour sack / torso concept. Here are the poses I want you to draw:

  1. A character throwing a punch
  2. A character bending over to pick up an object
  3. A character running scared
  4. A character twisting their torso to look in the opposite direction
  5. A character lifting a heavy set of barbells
  6. A character throwing a kick

Don’t focus on details. Focus on form and overall pose. We’ll focus on the specifics of male and female anatomy next week. Good luck!



The flour sack has VOLUME and MASS. Think of it as a solid object occupying space.

I did a few a day, time permitting (some at work during slow times, even!) and wrapped them up tonight after a bolt of motivation struck me dead-on. I was feeling pretty tight and technical when I started (#1), lost a bit of interest after that (#2), felt more cartoon-y (#3), lost sense of the flour sack, but got more in tune with the body (#4), and then really started to feel it (#5 and #6).

What do you think?

Technical details:

  • 8.5 x 5.5 sketch paper
  • Blue and Pink Sharpie Highlighters (#1 through #3)
  • Ultramarine and Mulberry Prismacolor markers (#4 through #6)
  • No digital editing, aside from sticking them all in a row!

And that’s that for this post! Stay tuned and stuff!

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