Sivam Tasks: Week 1

So, the 30 Characters thing didn’t pan out for me. I ended up getting two characters drawn, but not colored, and then life just swallowed me up. How lame am I?

Pretty lame. I know. WELL, to get a little less lame, I’m following the tasks assigned by one of my college instructors, as he commits himself to an 11-week FREE mentorship to two lucky people. This phenomenal fellow goes by the name Krishna Sadasivam, and he’s the web-cartoonist behind the PC Weenies and UNcubed as well as one heck of an instructor at the Art Institute of Tampa. I’m not one of those lucky two people, but I’m following the tasks regardless, to work on getting my artistic rear in gear again.

This week marks the first of that 11-week mentorship, and the assignment he gave is as follows:

Okay, everyone…

We’re going to start off with a warm-up exercise.

Draw one full body character attitude pose for each of the expressions described below. Use the same character for each expression. The character is a heavy-set, but tall male.

1. Tired

2. Happy

3. Angry

The characters’ poses should clearly convey the expression without having to look at the face of the character.

If you’re playing along, post a link to your results in the comments below. Apprentices have already been given the assignment. Due on Wednesday!


So, I got around to doing those little exercises, and it’s Wednesday, and now I’m putting them on the internet! (click the image for a larger view)

Tired, Happy, Angry

For anyone interested in the technical aspects of the drawings, here you go:

  • Woodless graphite pencil: Faber Castell 2B
  • 8.5 x 5.5 sketch book paper
  • Adobe Photoshop (gradient overlay and silhouettes)


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