Candy Corn: Flats

BLAM! Here is the first step of the digital Candy Corn coloring!

This stage is called “flatting” – you lay out flat colors in designated areas. I also make sure to set up my working file with some features that make it easier to start the shading part, too. So, less excuse not to move on sooner!

Story: Alright, so we all know this drawing is a tribute to my friend whose nickname is Candy, and who has been given add-on nicknames courtesy of my partner. Candy Corn is the first of those nicknames, and very appropriate for the current season! So, I started with it.

My friend doesn’t mind the nickname.

She does, however, mind the color YELLOW. YELLOW is her nemesis.

So, leave it to me to pick something with her least favorite color… and make it look good! Ha! There’s some detail in the fingernails that got lost in this smaller-resolution image, but I’m ok with that for now.

I was trying to stick with nice solid colors and areas for this design, in keeping with the clean design of the dress. To follow along with that, I wanted to keep the accessories nice and solid, too, but for some reason having the headband solid white is bothering me…

Tell me, readers! Aside from the obvious (finishing it), what changes and improvements would YOU like to see? Oh, and tell me why! I love knowing why! (It’s because I’m nosy)

BONUS! Inverted color version…

HINT: Alludes to forthcoming color scheme/theme!

I found this rather amusing. I inverted the colors on the dress and face/makeup while I was working on filling in the white spaces, and found these colors as a result! Candy will get a kick out of them.

Readers, do you have any new insights as to what this mystery allusion is? Let me know, I’d love to hear it!

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4 Responses to Candy Corn: Flats

  1. b says:

    Did you want me to reply with THE ANSWER?! Could it possibly be something that is the oh so incredibly handsome criminal genius?

  2. Tora says:

    You could stripe the headband, or use candy corn, so it looks like the candy corn ribbon we sold at Michael’s.

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