30 Characters – 30 Days

Oh hey, so I forgot to mention this…

There’s this cool challenge called 30 Characters in 30 Days. It lasts the whole month of November. I’ll be participating, and of course I’ll be putting my work here as well!

I’ve got some ideas for themes or catch words to keep my creativity flowing… but it turns out I’ve more ideas than days in November! I’d like some feedback regarding which method (or combination of methods) I should use. So, pick one (or some) and let me know, ok?

  • Months and Holidays
  • Random Word Generator/List
  • Old Character Revisiting
  • Predetermined List O’ Words (help me make it)
  • Free Sketches of Original Characters (first come, first served, by request)
  • Something Else? GIMME YOUR FEEDBACK! D:
So, now you’ve read the list. Now I need you to scroll down… just a little further… THERE! Now COMMENT, my lovelies!!
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