Mmm, Candy!

In lieu of falling off my Inspired Art wagon – I will get back on, but I’m enjoying my stroll off the tracks for now! – I doodled this for my good friend, Candy. I just got around to inking it today, and from this point forward I’ll be engaging in some different designs and coloring approaches with this line art.

Here’s the backstory:

I have a good friend whose nickname is Candy. I’ve known her since 2005, and we’ve stuck through some pretty gnarly things. We recently lived together for a spell, and my partner made some adjustments to her nickname. Mainly, he just added a word to it.

Candy Corn

Candy Cane

Cotton Candy

And since Candy has such a bold personality, I wanted to take those nicknames and make art of it! She’s also got some serious enthusiasm for a certain character whose complexion is of a popular primary color, but I won’t give away too much – you’ll see soon enough! My plan is to play around with these four main designs – candy corn, candy canes, cotton candy, and her favorite character – and get my hands good and dirty with some traditional and digital media. It’s been far too long since I’ve just colored with pencils and watercolors, and my digital skills certainly haven’t been sharpening themselves.

So, be on the lookout for some further developments on this project of mine!

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  1. Ermilia says:

    I love the way you framed the figure. We’re hosting an art contest on our blog if you’d be interested in submitting something.

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