Big Post Time!

Hello internet!

It’s been awhile – I apologize. But hey, I have a story for you…

Remember all those posts about graduating and freelance and stuff? Of course you do! Alright, so I got my foot firmly placed on my career path with that beautiful freelance project. I nosed around some more for additional freelance work, but it’s a competitive gig, nabbing freelance jobs… Lots of interested employers, but getting them to commit to a contract is tricky!

I was also digging around to find some permanent employment. Graphic design positions, in-house artists, secretaries… things of that nature. Well, the amazing monkey-boy Stephen Wittmaak went ahead and forwarded my resume to a local Office Depot that needed a Print Services opening filled, and wouldn’t you know it-

I got the job!

(Don’t be fooled by the nature of this plug – Switt’s actually a super-cool fella. I mean, look at that picture to the right! Whoa! Heck, you can click on it!)

Work Life Rewards: JOIN IT!As such, I’ve been working for two weeks now. Trained on the computer most of last week (30 hours woo!) and worked the weekend and this week (32+ hours woo!). I feel compelled to let everyone know about Work Life Rewards. Because it’s an awesome program. And if you print, or copy, or buy paper, or buy ink, or recycle ink, or do anything office-related at all, pretty much… you get money BACK. Not a discount. You literally get your reward GIVEN TO YOU. Anyway, tomorrow is my first day off.

Aha! But it’s not! You see, while I was looking for freelance on, someone was looking on for freelancers! Cool, right? So, that someone contacted me with a proposal! We talked, and that freelance project turned into an ongoing employment situation. So, are you ready? Ready for my big reveal? Because here it is:

Da Dudicals: Earth’s Radical Heroes

Yeah, that’s right. Dude.  We’re working on a lot of things, but a brief breakdown is as follows:

  • Kickstarter: Raise Money!
    • For Website Redesign/Resources
    • For Artists
    • For Game Development/Resources
    • For Merchandise
    • For Things We Aren’t Expecting to Cost Money, But Will
  • Game Assets
  • Web Assets
  • Merchandise Designs

I really love the mission of this project, though. It’s like Captain Planet, only without the magic – YOU CAN DO IT, TOO! But you don’t need any superhero to do it. Da Dudicals is about YOU being the superhero. The mission is to empower today’s youth to take charge of living a healthier lifestyle and to help craft a better world for themselves. Well, that’s the basics, anyway. If you want to look more into it, we’re totally open to support.

Equipped with this knowledge, you will now understand that I do not actually have tomorrow off. I will be working on things for my second job, instead! Woo!

And Now for Today’s Story

Today was quite nice.

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