Job Rush! Captain America!

I’m not falling off my inspired art wagon – I’m just a teeny bit behind!

Partly because I started the RUFF project.

Partly because I’ve started the dreaded job hunting that inevitably comes after graduation.

In the process, I’ve created a freelance profile at You can check it out if you want (especially if you’ve got some freelance art projects you need taken care of!)

Captain America 2011 Movie Poster

Captain America 2011 Movie Poster

Also! I got to see Captain America on opening night! I haven’t seen a movie on opening night since the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie was released! It was a great movie, and judging from the overall satisfaction from the comic-loving community, I’ll hazard a guess that it didn’t butcher the character origins or story too thoroughly.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly suggest you do! The story is solid, and even though it’s a Marvel movie, based off superheros, Captain America is one of the more human of the heroes in their repertoire. Very easy to relate to the character, nice historical basis to the plot, with just enough fantastic creativity to spice things up.

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