Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses Movie Poster

Horrible Bosses Movie Poster

First of all… SO many great names in this movie, and they were absolutely great in their roles. A very adult-themed movie (rated R for a reason!) but the humor was mostly tasteful, in my opinion.

My partner and I were both pretty excited to see this movie. We held a few reservations, that perhaps the plot was going to try to be a little too serious about the “killing the bosses” situation, which would have been a bit odd in juxtaposition with the overall comedy of the movie – but that didn’t happen. The whole plot unfolds with comedy in mind, enough drama to keep it interesting, and seriousness only where necessary – a winning formula, if you ask me!

I just loved the cast, though – I know I already said it, but Jason Bateman is a character I don’t see enough of, Charlie Day is perfectly awkward, and Jason Sudeikis isn’t a face I’m familiar with – but he was a crowd-pleaser for sure! Kevin Spacey was a psycho gem, Jennifer Aniston was a voracious man-eater, and Colin Farrell was a one-trick tool. All great deviations from the roles I’m more familiar with for them, actually. Very interesting!

If you were planning on going – do it!

If you weren’t – well, I say it’s a pretty great laugh, so maybe you should after all!

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