Airheads! (no, not the candy)

Airheads Trampoline Arena

Whoo! What a night!

So, my friend Brooke heard of this place through her interneting, and has been dying to go for weeks. Well, graduation behind us, we finally had the time, so we went tonight!

They’ve only recently opened, and they’ve got some cool Friday night deals at our location. Two hours of jumping around for $14 per person. There were four of us (Brooke, Luke, and Brittany aside from myself) and we had a BLAST! This is what you get to jump around in:

And boy, did we. Now, I’m out of shape. After a mere ten minutes I was taking my first break; thirty minutes and I was breathing albuterol. (I’m not only out of shape, but I have asthma – no excuses when it comes to getting my health back on track, though!) So I got back in there and bounced around for most of two whole hours. It was so much fun. The little girl in me was having the time of her life – and I gotta say, she wasn’t the only one.

And to think, the original plan tonight had been dinner and a movie! Money much better spent, I think. Certainly helps my Sparkpeople goal, rather than hurting it (as many dinners do).

If you can, I highly encourage checking it out. There are several locations, so who knows, maybe one is by you? It’s a great recreational way to get out, have fun, and be healthy!

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