Green Lantern

Here’s another movie post! (I’ll probably have a relatively steady stream of these – I’m dating an entertainment lover, and I’m not about to complain)

I’ll start by saying I was relatively excited for this movie. And I wasn’t disappointed… much. I’ll admit, I have just about as much knowledge of the Green Lantern comics as I do about cosmic philosophy (not very much, in either case). Even still, I get the gist. Green “magic” ring that lets you make awesome things, with the purpose of defeating evil. I’m pretty cool with that idea. Then, mix in Ryan Reynolds, and I’ll be happy with the eye candy, even if the movie bombs!

In my opinion, it didn’t bomb. A few little logical discrepancies in designs, but all-in-all a pretty well-adapted comic movie. It’s no Iron Man, but it doesn’t shame its kind, either!

I say it’s worth seeing – even in theaters. Plan a matinee trip if you’re skeptical, I’m sure at that price you’re guaranteed to agree that you got a good time for your money, even if you’re not 100% thrilled with it.

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