X-Men: First Class

Hi blog! Nothing too exciting today – I’ll be working more on my Te’Lyra character this afternoon and evening. (Again, you can check it out over here)

This morning, however, I went and saw X-Men: First Class in theaters with my partner and his dad! We were both skeptical when we saw the first trailers, but it was actually a pretty excellent movie. I’m not going to rate it or anything – I’m no movie critic. Just wanted to cast my two cents at it and let you all know not to let your comic book continuity shade your opinion of it. After all, the comics themselves frequently mismatch their own continuity, am I right? They stay really true to the characters, the writing was thrilling, the shots were great, and I just recommend it. Good stuff.

I heard some rumors about something at the end of the credits… but my particular theater experience didn’t have any special surprise waiting for me at the end of the scrolling wall of text! Oh well, nothing youtube won’t eventually have online, I suppose.

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