Graduation Goodies! (Part I)

Graduation Goodies I

Graduation Goodies I

Aren’t they fancy! Still to come: my DVDs and cases! I’ve got my résumé completed, just not pictured. I suppose it shall make its debut in Graduation Goodies! (Part II). Hopefully so will my stickered baggies of delicious goodies.

Here’s the ultimate goal: each mug will contain 2 pens (check), 2 business cards (check), two magnets (check), and a bag of yummy things. What sort of yummy things? Well, you’ll just have to drop by on the 16th to find out! Aside from the mugs, I’ll also have my DVDs, which will include slim cases (in fantastic colors), custom covers (with fantastic information), custom inserts (with my résumé on the back), two business cards, and custom DVD labels.

All-in-all: I’m hyper excited, and frightened out of my pants, at the same time!

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